Cloud Busting: Why Under A Pewter Sky?


Cloud Busting : 

I have  often been asked why I called myself Under A Pewter Sky Photography.  

Let’s start way back  at the very beginning of my life filled with childish wonder and imagination, and a lot of time by myself.  

I was the little  girl who thought the moon followed her on dark starry nights as we whizzed by in car journeys. 

This was a time before seatbelts. I would lie flat on the cool black leather seats in the back of the car  ( an excitingly nippy  Escort Mexico!) and feel utter exhilaration at the speed  of our journey as I watched in awe as the moon  and Milky Way chased after us and played peek a boo between the tall buildings and trees we passed by.

These celestial car adventures  would be soundtracked by Pink Floyd, Prince, Queen, Led Zeppelin & ELO and added to my fanciful imagination and fascination with the sky, clouds and stars.  

I was the girl who never minded the rain,  the snow,  or fog, mist, & sunshine or many clouds on the horizon of a blue Sky day.

I just happily watched the drama unfold, sky bound. I have always noticed the clouds, because  my head was always in them! ( Dolly daydreamer was my moniker as a child)

I was the  girl who day dreamed her way through school, who counted the thunder claps and Gods Piano crashing up above, the girl   who  dreamt of vast valleys filled with underwater lost cities and church bells ringing through the darkness on rainy grey days.

My favourite sky would be the dramatic and epic cumulonimbus clouds rolling in  with the thunder clappers, the ones that make your heart pound and the skin on the back of your arms stand up.

They are the ones that are beautiful but destructive, fleeting weather  filled with energy, life,  & momentum.

These clouds are the  dramatic ones that offer extreme weather, torrential downpours, hail, snow storms and thunder clouds, Angry skies looming above us or skies full of wonder as we watch the first snow of the season fall making everywhere beautiful.

 I love these dark clouds, they are the ones that are Pewter, Black , blue, grey, silver, shimmering delightfully above us, they are ephemeral yet evolving, & ever changing, yet from inception to dissipation I am  forever awe struck.

I wanted my photography to be like these clouds, caught in that moment, capturing the energy of life, dramatic and real  and of that time……And so my name was born.

Give me a big sky and open spaces  and I am happy, give me trees and woodland and the ever changing seasons and I am happy.

Hand  me my my cameras and let me just be behind the lens and I am extra happy, just watching the moments unfold.  

Let me sit a while and watch the clouds or stars go by and  I am very, very, happy……

Take me star gazing and I am over the moon!……. capturing life makes me ….. HAPPY!

So, I think I’ve said HAPPY quite enough for one blog, but now you know why I’m called Under A Pewter Sky because it’s my favourite place to be….. I’m a simple soul, I guess. 

What weather makes your heart sing?  Tell me? 

2 thoughts on “Cloud Busting: Why Under A Pewter Sky?

  1. Well there you go! I never knew you came up with the name, I always assumed it was some lyric or album name. Amazing. Your writing always draws me right in. Love it.
    Bee x


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