I love you. I know


Hello again! It’s me. It has only taken  me half a year but I’m back with my thoughts and musings on life and photography, so, make a brew, get comfy and meander along with my rambling thoughts.

Please do have a natter with me if anything resonates or even  just to say;

“ May the force be with you”

( That always makes me smile ….)

I’m a child from the 80s therefore I am  beginning this blog with a quote from my all time favourite Fictional  heroine Carrie Fisher aka the infamous fierce Princess L ( From a Galaxy far far away…)

Before we begin can we please imagine a musical interlude of epic John Williams proportions? ( On loud!)  Let us enjoy the Star Wars theme tune before I quote Carrie’s words and philosophy on life. I think she would like that as her introduction, don’t you? ……..

“ Don’t slide through life. Savour it.  Slow down, be kind,  pay attention because this isn’t going to happen again”

This is such simple, honest, dare I say it..  obvious advice, but how often do we ignore this simple ideology?

“ It isn’t going to happen again! “

Damn straight, Princess, THIS IS IT!

Welcome you YOUR LIFE, today, now, these moments. Now … It’s all history,  & in the big scheme of things (such as galaxies and the universe) we are here for such a very short amount of time so it really is up to us to make the most of it and to live as if this really was our one and only chance.

In fact it is our one and only chance …. possibly, definitely, maybe?…and sadly it isn’t promised to us that tomorrow is another day.

With this in mind, this leads me on to  thinking about documenting our days, recording our summers, those winters, the in between days and all the moments that are our precious life and the story of us and our family.

Where are those snippets and history of you…..? Where…..

In a super massive black hole of technology?

On the dark side of the messy drawer?

In your pocket?

A universe of camera roll with all your best bits languishing in the cloud?

Well, this is what I would really like  you to do, no excuses, find the time…I want you to print some of those beautiful moments of your life, and share them with your family / friends/ children.

Even better send some old fashioned happy mail or a whizzy quick and free what’s app with a photo attachment!  A hand written card with an old photo, or new photo or  better still never before seen photo because I guarantee it will make you smile. Try it. ( and do tell me about it! )

I guarantee that the recipient will smile, or maybe cry happy tears, or sad tears but none the less they will appreciate your gesture.

This is what I like to do:

1 Stick a  new photo on your fridge.

2 Print a photo for in a frame, or on the wall, or on your sideboard.

3 Pop  a photo on your desk at work and sip your cuppa and happily stare at your happy photo before returning to your 895 email of the day….. repeat am and pm …

3 Print some photos & add the year  on the back and  then hide them under your bed to be found ten years later, amongst the dust and the lost socks.  Sit and smile as you see  your  now grown up children smiling back at you with happy toothless smiles and shining bright eyes from life a long, long time ago.

It will feel lovely, I know because I do this and I always have.

Recently, I was sent a photograph of my Dad and Grandad by my Aunty. I had never seen it before and  the happiness it gave me was incalculable. All it takes is  a little time to be thoughtful and kind.

It doesn’t cost much at all but the feelings evoked are priceless!

my family, and heritage.  It is a image I can show my son, an image I scrutinised and felt connected to,  ridiculously pleased to see the same eyes staring back at me through the eons of time.

One day we will all be photographs in the hands of our ancestors but only if we print and share.

So, pay attention, slow down and share those moments, because you only get  one chance.

lots of love, Lou xx

Under A Pewter Sky Photography

Ps : Where to print? I go local and use Frosts in Mere Green. They print on high quality Fuji Paper and I can choose matte or gloss ( always matte for me) Sticky 9 are great for online printers as are Birmingham Based A.G Photographic.

This is just my opinion and I am not endorsing anything or whatever it is I’m supposed to say! 📸



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